9 Secrets You Should Keep From Your Man

I recently did something that I decided would be best if I didn’t share it with my husband.  While I do tell him just about everything, there are a few secrets I think a woman should keep from her man.  I mean, does he really need to know everything?  Check out the list and decide … Continue reading

The Day I Met The President

In honor of President Obama’s inauguration, I thought it would be cool to feature my six-year-old daughter as a guest blogger since she’s one of the few people I know that has actually shaken hands with him.  Below she shares her story of what it felt like to meet the President of the United States. … Continue reading

Keeping It REAL Goes WRONG…again! (Repost)

After watching last night’s American Idol auditions–the good, the bad and the ugly–I felt the need to post this blog again.  Different show, same delusional contestants… The X Factor debuted last week with the usual cast of characters auditioning to be the next BIG thing.  And as usual, more than half of them show up … Continue reading

Why Parenting Backwards Might Work For You

The first time I got pregnant, I had a miscarriage at ten weeks.  While I was ecstatic when I got pregnant almost a year later, I was also scared to death that I could have another miscarriage.  I kept thinking that if I could just get past the eleven-week milestone, everything would be okay and … Continue reading

Add Staying Power To Your New Year Resolutions

I hate New Year’s resolutions.  Scratch that.  I think what I hate are lazy resolutions. You know—quit smoking, lose weight, eat healthier, exercise, blah, blah.  I feel like if you are going to pick one of the standard resolutions, the least you could do is be a little bit more creative.  So I’m sharing ways to add more flair to … Continue reading