Fun-e-tic Spelling

One of the best things about having kids are the homemade gifts.  It’s also one of the funniest.  From hand and foot art, to popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners, parents see it all.   And let’s not forget the genius that thought it would be great to mix food and crafts and the teachers that have … Continue reading

How To Make A $1 Out Of 15¢

Lately, I’ve been teaching my daughter Journey about the value of money.  Since we have become more of an electronic society, kids hardly ever see actual money anymore.  If you have ever answered, “We don’t have money for that” to a request for yet another ball (oh, but this one rolls when you kick it!), … Continue reading


I am an advertiser’s dream—or worst nightmare.  From makeup to medicine, from a new restaurant to a new pair of Uggs that I just snagged for $50 (yes, I really did), I always seem to have a useful tip or a product review.  And since I seem willing to share this information with anyone that … Continue reading